Meeting Your Helping Spirits: Learning to Shamanic Journey for Guidance, Clarity & Healing

The shamanic journey is a powerful and practical sacred art that fosters growth and healing.

2366122Discover the practical power and joy of shamanic journeying into the realm of spirit for guidance, support and healing. For thousands of years shamans all around the world have journeyed to contact and partner with benevolent spirits. The intention for this class is to awaken your natural ability to shamanic journey. Everyone has helping spirits who want to be in deep connection with you, and everyone can enter into an expanded shamanic state of embodied consciousness to meet them!

Through the journeying process, you connect with power animals and spirit teachers (benevolent helping spirits.) They share with you information, knowledge, wisdom, and actions to take in daily life for: meeting challenges, engaging healing, gaining clarity about life’s circumstances and purpose, and so much more!

IZI0021817 During this weekend you will:

        • Meet and learn to collaborate with your Animal Spirit & Teacher Guides.
        • Learn to enter Shamanic States of Consciousness-expanded states of being
        • Find and explore your Place of Power, a place to rejuvenate your spirit and being
        • Encounter aspects of your Spiritual Power/Gifts
        • Journey to the Lower and Upper Worlds of the spirit realm
        • Receive healing and guidance from your spirit helpers
        • Learn ways to apply this sacred art in your life
        • Nourish your soul in a community with others

This class creates the foundation for successful shamanic journeying. You will begin to build and strengthen your partnership with the Benevolent Spirits. Everyone is welcome (16 yrs and older).  Simply bring your curiosity.

Come learn how to journey or come and deepen your journeying skills. (The journeying skills you learn in this workshop will be a pre-requisite for future juicy classes, including the upcoming 9-month mentorship-initiation class for Healers, and those who carry the sacred archetype of a healer, beginning in February 2019.) 

 December 1 & 2, 2018
Saturday 10 am – 6 pm & Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

 Space is limited to 12 participants. (Minimum class size is 7)
Class is held in the Marblehead, MA area

Early Registration – open thru Nov 1st – $175

Registration after Nov 1st – $230