Embracing the Call of the Healer: Embodying Your Gifts

An invitation to embrace the true power of your call as a healer


2223392Healers instinctively seek to alleviate suffering, restore wholeness, create harmony, awaken divinity, and provide comfort and well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In this way Healers archetypically derive their sense of meaning and purpose from being of service to others, the natural world, the environmentand all sentient brings.

There are many people who express the archetype of the healer who do not appear to be directly providing healing. They too derive their sense of meaning and purpose from the intention to be of service. In order for everyone who carries the traits of the healer to claim their calling, we must define ourselves as healers by our intention to serve, to alleviate suffering, rather than the form that our healing takes.

Whether you express the archetype, the quality of the healer as a therapist, teacher, lawyer, counselor, personal or business coach, parent, medical professional, political healing activist, environmentalist, body-worker, artist, business person, administrator, or in other form and whether your work lies with children, adults, animals, the natural world or the unseen word, you are welcome in this training.

 “Embracing the Call of the Healer” is a 9-month workshop to empower healers of all kinds who are discovering and engaging their healing gifts. 

On this 9-month journey together we will explore the elements that are necessary for accepting, honoring, empowering, and embodying our own and one another’s unique unfolding of and expression as healers through:
* A commitment to personal healing. The time of the “wounded healer” is passing. Those who are called to the path of the healer in these times are being asked to cultivate the wisdom of the ‘healed healer’ (the one whose life is directed by the wisdom learned and gleaned from the wound rather than by the wound itself) which our world desperately needs right now!
* Community. A healer is one who serves, who recognizes, witnesses, and is recognized by one’s community including clients, colleagues, teachers, friends, and loved ones. It is in community that we come to fully embrace and share our calling.
* Spiritual initiation. The energy of the healer, which manifests as the desire and/or the gift to provide healing support for others and for one’s self is a deep inherent urge from our spirit, a calling. To be in right relationship with this calling we must receive guidance, blessings, and initiations from the benevolent helping spirits, ancestors, and the natural world.

Together in community we will step through the four gateways of initiation:

  1. Remembering our spiritual, biological and soul lineages and what we agreed to bring to this life and share as our gifts and skills.
  2. Empowering, stepping into the power of who we are as healers and how the circumstances and events of our lives have and continue to support the gifts we bring to this life.
  3. Shedding the doubt, beliefs, habits, burdens that might have kept us entrenched in the story and circumstances of the wounded healer, directed only by the wounds, thus keeping us from embracing the gifts we carry.
  4. Embodying our call as a healer with a steady heart and bringing our gifts into community with clarity, grace and integrity.


Embracing the Call of the Healer Workshop begins in January 2018 and ends in September. The workshop includes:

* Four 2-day, weekend gatherings, in-person 
* Saturday evening ritual for three of the gatherings
* Three individual healing sessions with Susan
* Weekly journeys for personal inquiry and healing
* Small group meetings in between gathering for sharing and deepening your journey


 Dates of the 2-day weekend gatherings in-person are: 

January 27  & 28, 2018  ~   April 14 & 15   ~   June 23 & 24   ~   September 15 & 16
Gathering are held:  Saturday 10 am – 9 pm & Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
In-person gatherings are held in Marblehead, MA


There are two options for payment for this 9-month program.

You may pay in full (with a $175 discount if your payment in full is received by November 30th, 2018)

($1275 if paid in full by Nov 30th, 2017)


Or you may make a $325 deposit to hold your place in the class and pay the balance in 9 monthly payments of $140 each.  Send your deposit now. I will contact you to set up the monthly payments.

$325 Deposit

Please note that this is not a subscription option. You are making a commitment to pay for the program in full, even if you choose not to continue.

Class is limited to 12 participants 
(Minimum class size is 6)

Pre-requisite for”Embracing the Call of the Healer” is an introductory shamanic workshop of at least two-days in length, with myself or another qualified facilitator and at least one private session with me. (If you are not sure if you have fulfilled the pre-requisite, please contact me.)


This is a personally transformative program, an initiation to develop the capacity and trust to step further into your healing gifts with others (if that is what you are called to do) and with yourself. Prepare to cross the threshold from not understanding the call of the healer (although you might feel it) to having a greater understanding of how you are being called, what gifts you carry as a healer, and how to carry those gifts with grace.