Compassionate Intermediary Between the Realms

Susan Feathers

My passion is to nurture deep healing via the Shamanic Arts. In conjunction with the Helping Spirits, I facilitate individual and group transformation. I hold a space of deep listening, free from judgement, to allow extensive and lasting personal discoveries and healing to occur in alignment with your creative vision.

As an inspired creator, dancer of life and compassionate healer, I have communed with the spirit world since I can remember.  It has been my life-long experience that by listening to and following the guidance of the ancestors, the elementals, and the spirits of the land and place, we can live the calling of our heart and soul. My passion is for awakening and re-membering the body-sacred, the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual body united. I have been journeying in the Spirit realm for many years to facilitate healing for myself and others.

Susan’s background is in somatic psychology, meditation, creativity, and the shamanic arts.
I presently hold an M.A. in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now known as Sofia University). My  B.A. is from Naropa University in Contemplative Psychology with a concentration in body-centered therapies. I have worked with women in crisis, at-risk youth, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, children, and individuals seeking balance and breakthrough in their lives.  I love guiding people to make change, or engage the change that is already happening, in their lives.

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