Offering the Gift of Healing

Professional Training

Professional trainings are for learning, practicing, and building proficiency in the skills needed to offer shamanic healing to others  These trainings are intended for those who would like to learn to offer shamanic healing for others or for those who are currently offering shamanic healing to others.

Professional Training for Shamanic Healing Practitioners 2021-2024

 2021 – 2024
Location: Boulder, CO

I have rescheduled the beginning dates of this training so that we can gather in person in a safe way. I will confirm dates in late 2020. Thank you for your patience. I am excited to be in a teaching circle with those who are also called to learn.

This is a 3-year training program for those who are called to offer shamanic healing as a professional practitioner or to meld shamanic healing with a healing modality that you are already practicing.

Over the course of three years you will learn about spiritual illness, it’s causes, manifestations, and the shamanic remedies for addressing spiritual illness. You will explore the traditional remedies of Essential Shamanism/Core Shamanism/Practicle Shamanism, as well as healing approaches that my teachers and the helping spirits have taught me.

Throughout our time together you will deepen your relationship with the Helping & Healing Spirits in order to partner with them to share healing. In community together, we explore the gifts that you carry for this world and how to skillfully blossom into and offer your gifts.

Some of the healing remedies we study and practice are:

  • Divination & Diagnostics
  • Partnering with the Natural World
  • Power Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Remedying Energetic Entanglements – Cord Releasing
  • Healing Wounds from Other Lifetimes & Ancestral Lineages
  • Psychopomp: Healing for Those Who Have Died
  • Compassionate Depossession
  • Curse Unraveling
  • Care & Ethics in Shamanic Healing
  • Healthy & Ethical Client-Practitioner Relationships

We will meet in-person nine times over the course of the three years. Each in-person gathering is a 5-day non-residential retreat. In-between gatherings you will receive daily, weekly, and monthly practices to undertake as a part of  learning on your own, as well as in small learning groups. The small learning groups can meet in-person or via the phone or Skype/Zoom for folks who live at a distance.

Dates (to be confirmed in December 2020) for the in-person meetings:
* In 2021:  May 12-16,  October 6-10
* In 2022: February 2-6,  May 11-15,  October 5-9
* In 2023: February 1-5,  May 10-14, October 4-8
* in 2024: January 31 – February 4


More information will become available December 2020

 Please reach out to me via phone or email if you are interested or have questions about the upcoming training and any prerequisites for the training.