Restoring Your Unique and Radiant Soul

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healers assist the living, the dying, and the dead.

Shamanic healing is a collaboration between the Helping Spirits of both the shamanic practitioner and client for the purpose of bringing knowledge, understanding, support, and guidance for one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Shamanic healing assumes:

  • That everyone has Helping Spirits-Spirit Guides who very much want to be in clear communication with us in order to support our time on earth.  These Helping Spirits are immeasurably compassionate.  They seek to assist in our deepest healing and in understanding who were are in order to become our greatest potential.
  • From a shamanic perspective, illness and imbalance originate at the soul level and then manifest via physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.
  • Healing at the soul level takes place in the form of removing interfering energy, restoring energy that has been fragmented or lost, and redirecting energy that is stuck or frozen.
  • Shamanic healing happens through a process that includes: spiritual diagnosis, remedy, integration, and prevention.
  • In Shamanic healing the diagnosis is offered by the Helping Spirits. The shamanic healer/ practitioner works in collaboration with them to offer the remedy, facilitate integration, and provide prevention.
    The role of the client is to take responsibility for her/his over all healing journey, including integration and care after shamanic healing, as well as ongoing self-care physically, emotionally, and mentally.
    Shamanic healing is complimentary to other forms of healing support such as therapy, medical, bodywork, and psychiatric modalities.
  • Shamanic healing is a dynamic form of healing.  In conjunction with the Helping Spirits, endless challenges can be addressed and types of healing developed and facilitated.  he healing is as unique as each individual’s path in life.

As a shamanic healing practitioner, I serve as the intermediary between the Helping Spirits and the client.  I conduct specific practices, which might include hands on energy work for facilitating healing.  Below are some of the specific practices I am guided to use in a healing session.

Soul Re-animation (soul retrieval) & Lost Vitality

Our life-force energy (known as soul essence in shamanic work) enlivens our physical bodies, the qualities of our individual uniqueness, the talents and gifts that we are born with and have to share in this world.  In the course of daily life there are times when we may protect ourselves from harm by taking part of ourselves underground or out of the line of fire from others. This loss of, or safekeeping of part of our soul  and personal power is an adaptive means of self-preservation in the moment(s) that soul loss occurs.  Initially this can be a grace, a gift to help us live in this life. However, remaining parted from portions of ourselves is not a healthy long-term solution. Ideally we want to live in the fullness of our vital life force energy and of our soul!

Soul Re-animation (or soul retrieval) is an ancient practice that restores this vital life-force, your essence, your passions, a lasting relationship with your soul. 

Indications that Soul Loss has occurred:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Prolonged or unending Grief
  • Feeling Lost
  • Numbness or loss of sensation in the body
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Divination is the age-old art of seeking and receiving knowledge from within the folds of time.

We divine for the purpose of receiving insight and guidance regarding past, present, and future situations, events, and questions.

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Releasing Misplaced Energies (Extraction)

Extraction is a remedy for energetic intrusions.  Intrusions can be a result of misplaced or harmful thought-forms that originate from the collective culture, from another person, or from our own self destructive thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

Indications that you are Hosting Misplaced Energies:

  • Localized Pain
  • Localized Disease or Illness
  • Prolonged Emotional, Mental, or Psychological State
  • Chronic Physical situation in a localized area

Extraction healing removes the misplaced energies and neutralizes or transmutes them.

Release Energetic Cording

Facilitated Journey

Restoring Lost Power (Power Retrieval)

Emotional Clearing & Resolving Ancestral Patterns

Past-Life Clearing – (Clearing the Life Stream)

Dream Interpretation – Understanding Your Symbology

Crossing-Over Lost Spirits (Psychopomp & Depossession)

Healing Rituals

  • For Restoring – Creativity, Health, Heart-Opening
  • Celebrating 
  • Releasing 
  • Blessing