Shamanic Practitioner Training  Application process

The application for the Shamanic Practitioner Training is below. It consists of a number of shamanic journeys for you to embark upon with your beloved helping spirits/guides. The journeys are meant to foster a deeper understanding of your call to shamanic healing and the strengths and challenges you bring to the learning circle. 

Deadline for applications is ASAP.  I will process applications based on the date received until the training is full. (Both a completed application form and your deposit are required to apply. If you are not accepted into the Training your deposit will be refunded.)

To fill out the Application Form, it is easiest to:

  • Embark upon the following journeys with your Helping Spirits.
  • Type up your findings from the journeys.
  • Then copy and paste them into the Application Form all at once and submit your application.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at

Please journey to your beloved helping spirits/guides and ask them for insight on the following questions. Then share the details of your journeys on your application. I so look forward to hearing all about your discoveries and your call to this beautiful training!

Enjoy your journeys!