Community Shamanic Journey-Drum Circle

I invite you to be a part of an ongoing, online Community that shares shamanic exploration, direct revelation, and healing together.


2223392The inspiration for this journey-drum circle comes from connecting & healing with people all over the US and the world who have expressed their great wish for another person or a community in which they can practice & share their shamanic experiences. Time and again beautiful, inspired folks that I have met and/or shared learning & healing with have expressed that they have no one nearby or no one in their lives whom they can share or talk with about their shamanic experiences. No one whom they can practice, journey and discover with.

 Community Shamanic Journey-Drum Circle is an opportunity to create an ongoing community to practice in & with.

Together we will learn from one another & from the Helping Spirits as we come together once a month in this beautiful way of connecting with Guides, Helping Spirits and one another.

At each monthly gathering we will 

  1. Meet & Check-in at the beginning of each circle. For our first gathering we will spend some time getting to know a bit about one another & establish our circle together.
  2. Drum, Rattle, & Power up as a circle to celebrate the connection with Guides & Helping Spirits in preparation for journeying
  3. Journey #1 & Share enter into journey space for inquiries, healing, discovery and revelations with the Helping Spirits and one another
  4. Journey #2 & Share enter into journey space for inquiry, healing, discovery and revelations with the Helping Spirits and one another
  5. Offer Gratitude complete our circle by offering our gratitude to the Helping Spirits & Guides

Shamanic Journey-Drum Circle  begins in February 2019 and ends in March 2020. 

 Dates of the monthly circle are:

Feb 21  ~  March 21  ~  April 18 ~  May 16  ~  June 20 ~  July 18 ~  Aug 15 ~  Sept 19 ~  Oct  17 ~  Nov 21 ~  Dec 19
Jan 16  ~  Feb 20  ~  March 19  ~   
Gathering are held:  3rd Thursday of the month @ 6-8pm MST (8-10 pm EST, 7-9 pm CST, 5-7 pm PST)

Circle Gathering are LIVE online!! 


To keep an intimate circle, the maximum size is 15 people. A small circle allows us to foster depth-in-practice and in relationships, both with the Helping Spirits and with one another.

To support consistency in the circle, participation is offered as a one year subscription. The circle will gather for 13 months. You will have 13 monthly gathering for 12 monthly payments.

In the interest of creating a circle that holds our privacy & safety in sharing, the gatherings will not be recorded. They are LIVE gatherings via the wonders of the internet! If you miss a circle gathering, the journey-inquiries from that gathering will be available to you via email.

The monthly subscription is $28 to join the community circle 

  Register for the Circle and begin your monthly subscription. 

$28 Monthly

Please note that you are making a commitment to pay monthly for the full 12 months even if you will miss a monthly circle or decide not to continue.

Circle is limited to 15 participants 
(Minimum circle size is 8)

Pre-requisite for the Community Shamanic Journey-Drum Circle is an introductory shamanic journey workshop with a qualified facilitator or experience with shamanic journeying or a similar form or communication with Helping Spirits/Guides. (If you are not sure if you have fulfilled the pre-requisite, please contact me.)

Gather in circle with a community of Shamanic Adventurers to support this beautiful aspect of our lives together.