Water Mandala-a-day 3

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Working with the unknown (it’s a daily process.)

Learning: “I am water”

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Listening to, connecting with Spirit is what shamanic practice and shamanic life is all about. What do I learn when I ‘listen’ in a new way to the unknown and unseen?  This morning as i listen, the voice of the Elder Spirits that guide me come with this message, “You are water.”

Five colors today from another random foray into the color-bin; silver, magenta, copper, dark blue and lime green. (I’ve never thought of water in shades of magenta and lime green.)  Can these colors create a mandala that teaches me about water?  Slowly i begin to play with the colors contemplating the Spirit of Water who emerges as transformative and shape-shifting qualities; frozen solid, thinly iced over, flowing, bubbling and tumbling in the mountian creeks, and tiny steam particles that rise in the air.  And there is the Snow, those magical crystalline mandalas that fall in infinite formations and piles on the Earth.  The water Spirit mandalas who melt, transfiguring into streams that feed our faucets. And i wonder, If I am the water coming out of the faucet during my shower would I pollute myself with chemicals that alter my very essence and leave me only 1/2 of what i am?

Water Spirit Mandala 3 Continuing to work with the unknown

Water Spirit Mandala 3
Continuing to work with the unknown

i ponder what it means to “be Water” and remember the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto (great video here) as he engaged the unknown and learned how thoughts, sounds, emotions, and words, affect the crystal mandalas of water. Thank you Dr. Emoto for sharing your interactions with the Spirit of Water in your bookThe Hidden Messages in Water.  I’m going to gaze a the hidden message in my Water mandala for a few days. 


Today’s mandala from www.schoolplaten.com, Where you can download free mandalas patterns to print, color and contemplate your ‘unknowns’ with

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