Mandala-a-Day Project (2)

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Spring Mandala – Working with the Unknown

Learning Day 2:
How being attached to a habit of “likes and dislikes” can keep me from connecting and relating with the magic of the wise and creative unknown.

Colors I never would have chosen to put together.

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Fearlessly I reached into the ever-growing bin of Sharpie Markers and randomly pulled four markers to color today’s mandala. Engaging the random unknown, seemed like a fun proposition. I was dedicated to using whatever colors I grabbed. With eagerness I looked at the 4 markers in my hand, lime green, orange (oh goody, two of my faves), brown (really?) and black(??)!  How would it make a beautiful mandala of these oddly combined colors I wondered? I contemplated putting back all the markers and choosing again.  Then I stopped. In my hand were colors I never would have chosen to use together, yet they beautifully represented one of those days when things just aren’t as colorful as “I’d” like them to be.  I decided to play with the unknown, to use them all and randomly choose one additional color to ‘spruce’ them up. (I was secretly confident that the number of colors I liked in the marker bin outnumbered the one’s I didn’t and I’d be “happier” with the ones in my hand if I got one more I liked.)

How did I connect with Spirit using colors I wasn’t that psyched about using?
I noticed the rich earth tones all around me. The light green moss flourishing in the yard after so much spring snow and rain. Deep green pine needles that have housed the black crows all winter.  Many shades of fallen leaves piled in the hedgerow.  The Spirit(s) of Nature enliven these colors all the time. They are the mandala surrounding me each day.

The colors of Mother Nature in Springtime Mandala-a-day 2

The colors of Mother Nature in Springtime
Mandala-a-day 2

But what about the orange? It’s spring in New England, the first blossoms are purple and white. I searched for orange, finding it nowhere, leading me to think beyond the backyard and the small forest that nurtures my Spirit so deeply. Perhaps the orange is in the broader world, held by those I can’t yet see, in places I sometimes forget? Then as I gazed into the spruce outside my window I noticed the orange-of-spring on Robin’s breast as she gazed at me as if to say, “Look,” “Look,” “mira,” “mira,” here I am.

Thank you Robin for bringing Orange to Spring. Thank you Moss for your green spongy aliveness beneath my feet.  Thank you Nature for the ways you nurture and color our world.

Today’s mandala is from my current favorite, the Mystical Mandala Coloring Book by Alberta Hutchinson.

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