Sharing the Fearless Heart

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Workshops 2017

Nourishment for the gifts and balm for the wounds of your Spirit & Soul

Embracing the Call of the Healer: Embodying Your Gifts (9-month Workshop)

January – September 2017
Four, 2-day gatherings in person (Jan, April, June, Sept.)
Location: Marblehead, MA

This is a transformative program, an initiation to develop the capacity and trust to step further into your healing gifts with yourself and with others (if that is what you are called to do). Prepare to cross the threshold from not understanding the call of the healer (although you might feel it) to having a greater understanding of how you are being called, what gifts you carry as a healer, and how to carry those gifts with grace.

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Adventures in the Emotional Landscape Series: Cultivating Emotional Literacy & Resiliency

Online Workshops – Dates to be Announced
Location: Lafayette/Boulder, CO

Do you sometimes feel captured by your emotions or unable to feel them at all. In this series of workshops you will find a new way to explore and get to know the spirits of your emotions. What nourishes them? How do they interact and dance with one another? What role do they play in your life? Are they your allies or opponents? What emotions are in hiding and what emotions are have taken over your internal landscape? How can you change your relationship with your emotions?

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Spiritual Spa Day: Morning Session

Jan & Feb 2017
Saturday  9 – 1 am
Location: Lafayette/Boulder, CO

There comes a day when it is time to nourish our spirits and souls. This is the day to wrap yourself in the warmth of a small group and pamper your soul.

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Sowing the Seeds of Joy

April 2017  
(Dates & times to be announced soon)
Location: Marblehead, MA

Joy is both a feeling and a state of being that we can bring to any area of our lives. Let’s come together to explore the nuances of joy.  Bring your yearning, your humor, and all the blocks you have to feeling joy. We will till the soil, plant seeds of joy, and practice nourishing and feeding those seeds.

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Meeting Your Helping Spirits: Beginning Shamanic Journeying Workshop

October 8 & 9, 2016
Saturday 10 am -6 pm, Sunday 10 am-5 pm 
Location: Marblehead, MA

Discover the practical power and joy of shamanic journeying into the realm of spirit for guidance, support and healing. Awaken you natural ability to shamanic journey (YES! everyone is able to journey.) This class is open to everyone!

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